VAME 2022

Second International Workshop on

“Variational Analysis and Applications for Modelling of Energy Exchange”

9-10 MAY, 2022

Sala Biblioteca

Department of Economics and Management

University of Brescia,

Brescia, Italy

The aim of the workshop is to bring together specialists of the modelling of energy exchanges, both from the point of view of Mathematics and Economics. In addition, the workshop is to stimulate the exchange of ideas among researchers and practitioners that develop or apply energy market models and approaches for policy identification and assessment. In an “informal context”, the intent is to generate fruitful scientific exchanges on the following topics:

· Nonlinear optimization;

· Stochastic programming and Robust Optimization;

· Bilevel programming, MPEC, EPEC;

· Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems (GNEPs);

· Capacity expansion models in renewable dominated power system;

· Decarbonization and integration of renewable energy sources in power systems;

· Impact of the development of electric vehicles;

· Electricity market design;

· Risk management in electricity markets.

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